#teambolao celebrates a successful weekend

Last weekend our German and Austrian athletes were competing on a national level and could win the ranking tournaments of their countries!

In Germany, at the national ranking tournament in Cologne, Joel Nisslein and Lukas Kicherer won their finals against the Weber brothers and secured their spot at the EFVL World Challenge Graz 2022. We are happy to welcome you soon in our home town!

Graz was the location for the second Austrian ranking of the season: Klemens and Jakob Hofmann-Wellenhof won the final against their brother Nikolaus and Keyvan Ravai in two sets. The Austrian male team for the World Challenge will be determined at the national championship at the 19th June in Graz.

We are very proud of our teams and happy to see them compete internationally soon.

Check out some impressions of the ranking in Austria in our slider.