Cold Vienna, hot games

Last weekend the 5th ranking of the season took place on the Spusu Sportinsel. In somewhat fresh conditions, but all in all good footvolley weather again faced some of the Austrian top teams!

Once again our #teambolao Jakob and Klemens Hofmann-Wellenhof won the first place in the final against the “Young Guns” Alex Peitler and Stephan Lutz. The brothers thus consolidated their position as Austria’s #1 team just before the European Championships in Rome (9-11 September).
Thanks to Footvolley Vienna for the great organization!

The podium:

  1. Jakob and Klemens-Hofmann Wellenhof
  2. Alexander Peitler/Stephan Lutz
  3. Benedikt Hofmann-Wellenhof/Jakob Rauch
  4. Gerhard Zuber/Nikolaus Hofmann Wellenhof

Around the tournament we offered a bolao training camp. We stayed at the wonderful “the niu Franz” Hotel and held intensive trainings. It was an all around successful footvolley weekend in Vienna.