Nations Cup 2021 in the books

We enjoyed the great summer time in Graz and invited our international friends to join for some major tournament action.

From 20th to 22nd August 2021 we held the bolao Nations Cup and the bolao Womens Cup in Graz. At the Nations Cup the European elite played in a Davis Cup mode known from tennis. The Womens Cup was the biggest women’s tournament of the of the season. In both tournaments fantastic the teams showed a spectacular show on the sand. The show was highly appreciated by the numerous visitors on the stands.

56 players from seven different European nations took part and made the competition a huge success. All of them were very pleased with the tournament, the hospitality and our beautiful city.

Congratulations to all winning teams and thanks to everyone who took part!

Fortunately, Graz will be the venue for many more international tournaments. The planning is already in progress and we are looking forward to providing you with the details of the World Challenge 2022 event highlight shortly.

Follow us on Instagram and on Bolao TV to see more from us. #bolaofamily

Follow us on Instagram and on Bolao TV to see more from us. #bolaofamily