For two weeks in December, dozens of footvolley lovers from all over Europe met on the Island of Tenerife to train, play and compete in the last footvolley events in 2023.

The local footvolley cracks and team bolao players Facu Silva (European Champion 2023) and Daine Morris did daily training sessions with everyone who joined the training camp.

On weekends, the footvolley hotspot Los Cristianos hosted no less than four tournaments, organised by the joined forces of Serfay Footvolley Club and bolao.

Bocha Silva Cup 7th – 9th of December
For the fifth time now, the Argentinian-Canarian legend Bocha Silva was the patron for this iconic tournament. Team bolao player Jakob “Jacky” Hofmann-Wellenhof was able to win the title alongside the Portuguese Fabio Murracas in the final against the Spanish couple Miquel Marin/Juan Lopez. Lukas Kicherer (GER) and Jakob Rauch (AUT) came in third place.

Elite Tournament 9th – 10th of December
The top-teams of five different nations competed in the first edition of this competition. Italy’s Federico Iacopucci and Alain Faccini came out on top in the final against the UK couple Daine Morris/Michael Elias who played outstandingly well at this weekend, putting even the reigning champions of Europe, Juan Lopez/Facu Silva (ESP), into third place.

Female Tournament 17th of December
The final weekend of the bolao training camp was the time to shine for the many women who traveled to Tenerife to play their favourite game. Once again, the Austrian team (Nina Steinbauer/Antonia Missethan) was crowned champion, with Spain (Itzi Cid/Yosy Silva) as a runner-up and Switzerland (Lena Stucki/Sara Garcia) in third place.

Mixed Tournament 16th of December
With so many exceptionally skilled players in one place, it was an obvious decision to also organise a mixed footvolley tournament. In exciting high quality games Austria’s Antonia Missethan and Joel Nißlein from Germany secured the top spot on the podium, besting the Spanish siblings Yosy and Facu Silva in the final. Stefanie Mohr (GER) and the Portuguese legend Nelson Pereira managed to win the bronze medal.

The training camp and all the events that went along with it were a huge success and we are looking forward to return to Tenerife when the cold winter winds hold the rest of the European continent in their chilling grip.